C&C Painting and Construction

                   What an amazing experience working with C&C Painting and Construction  an organization based in Spokane Valley, Washington who helps provide amazing opportunities for clients to be able to Re-imagine the the home and room of their dreams. Customers are always seeking to find ways to improve the rooms in their homes. It is where they live, and raise their families.

They came to us with an amazing mission, a great team, a lot of great content and images but lacked a current website and professional web presence to connect them to their customers. We were able to build a sleek, modern, professional website that took their brand to a whole new level online and put the systems in place so they could manage events, manage the site and use it to engage and grow their organization to the fullest moving forward!

Head over to C&C Painting and Construction see the new site!

“Lilac Internet Services helped us to develop a website that fitted our need. Ben let us know what pictures would best represent out company. We were able to increase our web traffic. Lilac Internet Services provided us information on how to make a great blog post and a Website that represented our company image. Would recommend them to our small business friends in the future.”